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First Time Home Buyers

What every first-time homebuyer should know!

Buying a first home is a wonderful experience everyone should have. In addition to the pride of ownership, there are a lot of financial benefits that come with owning a house such as potential tax write-offs and accrued equity (not tax or financial planning advice; consult with your advisor). Better still, when buying a new home you are getting new quality construction, built to today’s new building codes and standards, and everything in your home is under warranty. Buying a new home means brand new appliances and top-quality fixtures, all meeting today’s higher energy efficient standards. Renting on the other hand means…

  • NO return on your investment
  • NO pride of ownership
  • NO tax benefits
  • NO warranties
  • NO stability
  • No Equity

Better still, with Howe Development, the home buying process has never been simpler. Once prequalified through our preferred lender, we provide the construction financing for your new home so that you can focus on the important steps like planning move into your new home. Stop by our sales center today or call for an appointment so we can show you just how simple buying a new home can be.