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Howe Development Corporation is located at:
4110 NW 37th Pl, Suite C Gainesville, Florida 32606

About Howe Development

Since 1998, Howe Development Corporation has been providing a wide range of real estate development services from site acquisitions to building construction to property management. Howe Development has built its reputation on quality and integrity. Our team understands how to respond to the changing needs of the market place and more importantly its customers.

There is no better example of this response than recent changes to our core business plan. Having produced a significant number of mid to high end homes in our subdivisions during the recent housing boom, we have since changed our focus and current activities to the entry level and first-time home buyer’s market. Howe Development is currently focused on the “takeover” and redevelopment of failed subdivisions which have failed under the hard times of the past recession and weak economy. With a focus on the details, Howe Development has turned its most recent acquisition around in less than 24 months.

Howe Development strives to provide the best value along with the highest quality regardless of price point. We are committed to making the home buying process as smooth and enjoyable as possible for all of our clients regardless of the value of their purchase price.